This shirt tho.

David Banner is interesting, to say the least. Can’t imagine all the things he’s seen, studied, and is going through his head right now.


I swear. These companies want to pay high school salaries for grown man work. How do I look dressed up, shaking hands, and acting like I help man the ship when it costs me more to eat, pay rent, dress, commute, and prepare for work than I actually earn? No thank you. I couldn’t even afford to say yes if I wanted to.


These resources can help you to better research a story, offering access to a wide range of data, information, and primary resources.

  • Answers.com: Answers.com is an encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and almanac rolled into one.
  • Blackfacts.com: Here, writers…

My daughter and I Being all beautiful Being all cookout cool Being all upon my shoulders I’ll build this little queen a throne.



Think smart & play smarter.

this play alone should put nate robinson in the hall of fame

Nate the great!

Noble and Elegant. King and Queen. From a man came a woman.Together almighty.

Jean Dunand - Psyché, for Madame Agnès, Paris, 1926. Lacquered wood inlaid with ivory, mother of pearl and eggshell, mirrored glass, brass, painted wood (191 x 64.2 x 7.5 cm) / Pinterest
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